Racing Mistrals

And the New Zealand Land Speed Record.
In 1957 Weltex supplied an all-enveloping body for the 6.1 litre Gypsy Major aircraft engined Stanton to attempt New Zealand speed records. Maurice Stanton built the original Crop Duster in 1954 and with the streamlined Weltex body in this form did standing quarter took 13.96 seconds and the flying quarter 207kph. Fitted with an Arnott supercharger and four Amal carbs this was reduced to 12.96s and 248kph! Photo: Graham Vercoe's Historic Racing Cars of New Zealand
Bob Blackburn at speed Bob managed to get the Mistral placed in 13 of its first 21 races. Photos R Laing
Ian Mcrae’s Mistral  starting a hill climb at Judgeford

NZ Land speed record holder 1958

173.8 MPH !

Mistrals in modern Classic Car Racing and Club Racing
Don Gerrard’s very tidy 1959 Ford 1500 Mistral
John McDonagh’s fast and reliable 1959 Vanguard  powered Mistral is a regular sight at Skope meetings in Canterbury.
The Tayler Mistral close behind John McDonagh at  Ruapuna.
Roger Wilson’s old 360 Mistral
Greg Scott at Teretonga
Greg Scott at Levels 2015
Chris Read’s Mistral at Levels 2015
Four Mistrals at Levels, 2015