Mistral fibreglass sports cars

From the 1950’s to the 1970's the New Zealand Government import controls meant few affordable sports cars were available to local motoring enthusiasts. Few construction rules or regulations made the construction of space frame tube chassis a fairly achievable task and the fiberglass Mistral mould provided a good looking body to be fitted to these local chassis's. Often the Ford 10 100E 1172cc and running gear was the first choice because of wide availability but many different, mainly English, engine and gearbox combinations such as Triumph TR3 and 4 were fitted.
The Rowe Mistral
This website is set up to record and mark these great fiberglass sports car bodies and the many chassis and engine combinations of the New Zealand versions, its English origins and as a rough history of current and past Mistrals. Any new information and/or early photos gratefully received. Email link here  or info@mistral.net.nz
Ian Mcrae’s wife Marie posing with his finished Mistral
Our contributors: Thanks to all contributors of photos and information, in particular Brian Ford for photos and early catalogs and long time Mistral owner and racer John McDonagh for photos. If you have anything that you feel might help clarify the history or anything you would like to see on these pages please email me at info@mistral.net.nz Thanks! Ron Hazlehurst
A recently restored Microplas Mistral with 1954 Porsche base. More details on the Microplas page